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Zhao Zhou


Guest Researcher

General Information

Full name: Z. (Zhao) Zhou Dr.
Office: 143
Phone: +31-(0)71-5277043
Fax: +31-(0)71-5276985
Member of:


Below is a (not guaranteed to be complete) list of recent publications.


    • Giones F., Zhou Z., Miralles F. & Katzy B.R. (2013), From Ideas to Opportunities: Exploring the Construction of Technology-Based Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Technology Innovation Management Review June 2013.
    • Wang Y., Zhou Z. & Li-Ying J. (2013), The impact of licensed-knowledge attributes on the innovation performance of licensee firms: Evidence from Chinese electronic industry, Journal of Technology Transfer 38(5): 699-715.
    • Ma X., Zhou Z. & Gui L. (2013), Building integrated dynamic capabilities: a longitudinal study of returnee-led technology ventures in China. In: Proceedings IEEE International Conference of Technology Management 2013: IEEE.
    • Wang Y. & Zhou Z. (2013), The dual role of local sites in assisting firms with developing technological capabilities: evidence from China, International Business Review 22(1): 63-76.
    • Wang, Y., Cao, W., Zhou, Z., Ning & L. (2013), Does external technology acquisition determine export performance? Evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms, International Business Review 22(6): 1079-1091.
    • Zhou Z. (2013), Technology Entrepreneurship - A process framework (PhD thesis. LIACS, Leiden University). Supervisor(s) and Co-supervisor(s):Prof. Dr. B.R. Katzy.
    • Stettina C.J., Zhou Zhao, B├Ąck T.H.W. & Katzy B.R. (2013), Academic Education of Software Engineering Practices: Towards Planning and Improving Capstone Courses Based upon Intensive Coaching and Team Routines. In: Proceedings 26th Conference on Software Engineering Education & Training: IEEE Computer Society. 169-178.

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