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General Information

Full name: Prof. Dr. B.R. (Bernhard) Katzy
Office: 131
Phone: +31-(0)71-5274520
Fax: +31-(0)71-5276985
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About Bernhard Katzy

Professor Dr. Bernhard R. Katzy started his professional career with an apprenticeship as car mechanic and later studied and earned master degrees in electrical engineering and business management. He holds a PhD in industrial management from University of Technology (RWTH) Aachen in Germany and a second PhD (habilitation) in general management and technology management from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He currently is professor at Leiden University School of Management and at the University BW Munich and director of CeTIM Center for Technology and Innovation Management. His research interests focus on entrepreneurial management of fast growing high-tech firms, especially in the emerging industrial structures for the information age.


Below is a (not guaranteed to be complete) list of recent publications.


    • Stettina C.J., Zhou Zhao, B├Ąck T.H.W. & Katzy B.R. (2013), Academic Education of Software Engineering Practices: Towards Planning and Improving Capstone Courses Based upon Intensive Coaching and Team Routines. In: Proceedings 26th Conference on Software Engineering Education & Training: IEEE Computer Society. 169-178.
    • Giones F., Zhou Z., Miralles F. & Katzy B.R. (2013), From Ideas to Opportunities: Exploring the Construction of Technology-Based Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Technology Innovation Management Review June 2013.
    • Fulgencio H.T., le Fever H.T. & Katzy B.R. (2013), Living Lab Innovation Through Pastiche (a research linking disparate and discorded ontology). In: Proceedings eChallenges e-2012.


    • Katzy B.R., Bondar K. & Mason R.M. (2012), Knowledge-Based Theory of the firm, Challenges by Social Media. In: Proceedings 45th Hawaii International conference on system Sciences. 3879-3887.
    • Katzy B.R., Gard J. & Baltes G. (2012), New product development processes in Living Labs - an exploratory case study, International Journal of Product Development Management 17(1/2): 23-42.
    • Katzy B.R. (2012), Designing Viable Business Models for Living Labs, TIM Review 6.
    • Holzmann T., Sailer K. & Katzy B.R. (2012), Finding Partners for Collaborative Innovation: The Vicious Circle of Matchmaking. In: Proceedings R&D Management Conference 2012.
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    • Bondar K., Katzy B.R. & Mason M. (2012), Agency and Control in New Ways of Work. In: Proceedings 21st International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT 2012).


    • Zhou Zhao & Katzy B.R. (2011), Creation theory: an alternative theory: an alternative theory towards technology entrepreneurship. In: Proceedings of EuroMOT: Platforms and innovation: n search of efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Stettina C.J., Groenewegen L.P.J. & Katzy B.R. (2011), Structuring Medical Agility. In: Proceedings International Conference on Health Informatics HEALTHINF 2011: INSTICC Press. 614-618.
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    • Katzy B.R., Bondar K. & Mason R.M. (2011), New worlds of work - competitive implications. In: Proceedings IAMOT.
    • Zhao Yuan Yuan & Katzy B.R. (2011), Entrepreneurial projects - An agent-based model of the early commercialization phase. In: Proceedings IAMOT.


    • Sari B., Loeh H. & Katzy B.R. (2010), Emerging Collaboration Routines in Knowledge Intensive Work Processes: Insights from Three Cases, International Journal of e-Collaboration on CWE 6(1): 33-52.
    • Katzy B.R. & Zhao Yuan Yuan (2010), Entrepreneurial Projects: Towards a Project-Based View of Entrepreneurship.. In: In proceedings. 19th International Conference on Management of Technology: International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT).


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